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Chronic Pain St. Petersburg FL Judith Pierce MSN ARPN FNP
nursing professional


35+ years as a nursing professional Member of American Associations of Nurse Practitioners

Certifications: American Red Cross Basic Life Support, New Life Regenerative Medicine certification for musculoskeletal, aesthetics, and hair restoration injections.

After having worked most of my nursing career with traditional medicine, I am excited to be working with Regenerative Medicine. I not only improve the symptoms a person is experiencing dues to certain debilitating conditions but also improve these conditions to allow people to live their lives more fully.

Chronic Pain St. Petersburg FL Vida Puodziunas Chiropractor


I have been working in healthcare for over 25 years and absolutely love what I do. I started out in sports medicine. I was the person that would run out onto the playing field when an athlete got injured. My job was to get them back to doing their sport as soon as possible. I worked closely with orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, and others to do so.

I saw that I was not doing enough to help my athletes, so I decided to become a chiropractor. Once I graduated from chiropractic school, I was able to incorporate all that I had learned both in the sports medicine and chiropractic fields to help people achieve new levels of health.

I am considered an authority on natural healthcare and do a lot of public speaking to educate the public about various healthcare topics. I work with about 90 other doctors across North America, consulting and teaching them how to be successful in their practices.

I was a collegiate and professional tennis player. A lot of the treatments that I offer to my patients, either I or my husband have tried ourselves. So, we practice what we preach!

I have 4 beautiful children, 3 boys, and 1 girl. I love the outdoors, hiking, skiing (on water or on snow), and love playing in the water.

Chronic Pain St. Petersburg FL Victor Puodziunas


Even though I’m not a doctor, I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, mainly working in the healthcare industry. I’ve started, owned, and operated multiple medical practices, large and small, and done everything in them except treat patients. My favorite part of healthcare is helping patients achieve their health goals by educating them, guiding them, and helping them get through any barriers that they encounter.


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