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People often ask me, "Why should I come to your office in St. Petersburg?

You can find a lot of places to get a stem cell injection. Though it does require some skill with a needle, it is not something that is unique. There are many doctors and mid-level practitioners that can do a good job delivering an injection, whether it is in a joint, to treat neuropathy, a facial or hair restoration treatment, to treat E.D or vaginal dryness or anything else. Our nurse practitioner, Judy Pierce is excellent in delivering these treatments and brings many years or experience and expertise in regenerative medicine.

As great as Judy is in delivering the injections, the biggest reason people come to our office is the quality of our cells. We have the best quality cells on the market. We have been doing regenerative medicine for over 14 years, so we have lots of experience in working with stem cell labs.

In order to get a good result, you need to have good quality cells. You can only get these high-quality cells from our office. We know which ones are the best, and here they are:

  • Biogenix
  • Utah Cord Bank
  • New Life

TYPES OF CELLS IN in St. Petersburg


BIogenix is the only stem cell lab that has was approved to provide cells to these government agencies:

  • United States Marine Corp
  • Army National Guard
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Department of Justice - United States Army
  • Department of the Air Force
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Health and Human Services

Here’s why Biogenix got approved and no one else did. Their lab has very high requirements and their standards are much higher than other labs. That makes their cells the best. Here’s how their cells are different and why they are better. 1. The FDA says once the tissue is acquired from the donor, it must be cryogenically preserved within 48 hours. Biogenix’s lab requires the cells to be no more than 2 hours old. They know that the longer the tissue is exposed, the more cells will die or have a risk of contamination. Other labs can have the older cells. They only want the best, highest quality cells for our patients. 2. How the cells are stored is very important. The cells must be stored at very low temperatures, and the liquid that the cells are stored in may freeze. When that happens, the liquid crystallizes and punctures, and damages the cells. BIogenix cells are stored in a special, proprietary solution that does not freeze, so we are assured that you are getting the greatest number of live, undamaged cells. 3. Biogenix cells are never more than 90 days old. We know that after 90 days, cells start dying, even when they are cryogenically preserved. That’s when they sell them to other places and other offices use these cheaper cells on their patients.

Utah Cord Bank

FIOR Bioscience, or the “Utah Cord Bank” as it has been known for many years, is proud of its 15-year history of remaining FDA compliant without any violations issued. Through our meticulous processes, we take numerous precautions to ensure that our products are safe, in their purest form, and maintain the highest quality.

As part of the FDA review, investigators must show how each product will be manufactured so the FDA can make sure appropriate steps are being taken to help ensure the product’s safety, purity, and quality.

  • Eligibility - Our proprietary process begins with meticulous screening of the donor mother and father as well as family members for several generations.
  • Collection - A recovery specialist, once given the donation information, will collect the postnatal donation at the designated hospital. The recovery specialist will then return the donation to FIOR Bioscience for processing.
  • Testing - Our lots are quarantined for 14 days and thoroughly tested for bacterial and disease contamination by a CLIA-certified lab.
  • Processing - Our proprietary process meets the FDA requirements of minimal manipulation.

FIOR Bioscience Emphasizes a 100 Percent Chain of Custody

  • DONOR ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT: Our proprietary process begins with meticulous screening of the donor mother and father, as well as family members for several generations. In addition to routine industry screens for bloodborne pathogens, we also screen for heritable and non-heritable conditions, environmental contaminants from medications, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and electronic vaping. Only healthy families who meet or exceed these criteria are considered. Postnatal tissue donations are promptly collected from local hospitals by our recovery specialists following a healthy cesarean birth. After processing, allografts are tested again to ensure they are free of contaminants or infection and contain healthy, viable cells prior to cryopreservation.
  • TESTING PROCEDURES: Our lots are quarantined for 14 days and thoroughly tested for bacterial, communicable, and other disease contamination by a CLIA-certified lab. Additional testing is conducted in multiple phases of the process to ensure zero contamination. DISEASES THAT ARE TESTED PRIOR TO DONATION ELIGIBILITY: 1. Hepatitis Bs Ag 2. Hepatitis Bc Ab 3. HTLV I/II Ab 4. Hepatitis C Ab 5. HIV 1&2 Plus O Ab 6. CMV ab 7. RPR (Non-treponemal syphilis) 8. HIV-1/HCV/HBV NAT (Ultrio) 9. WNV NAT FDA
  • REQUIREMENTS OF MINIMAL MANIPULATION: For structural tissue, the process does not alter the original relevant characteristics of the tissue related to the tissue’s utility for reconstruction, repair, or replacement. For cells or nonstructural tissues, the process does not alter the relevant biological characteristics of the source material.
  • CRYOPRESERVATION: We use a unique cryopreservation technique that includes using the source’s own natural components preserved with a natural cryoprotectant to help ensure maximum functionality at the time of use.
  • SHIPPING: All orders are carefully packed in specially insulated overnight containers to maintain the integrity of our products. Products are shipped only to licensed medical professionals


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  • Why do we take care of so many medical doctors and help patients that have
  • been to other offices for regenerative medicine and did not get better?
  • Why is it people and patients think we are the best?
  • Why is it that we treat so many family members of doctors?
  • Why is it we seem to get the best and most consistent results?

quality of our cells

We have the best quality cells on the market, that is not just us talking that is what the testing shows. That is what the government has stated as we are the only lab authorized to provide cells to the:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Justice
  • United States Army
  • Department of Navy
  • United States Marine Corp
  • Department of the Air Force
  • Army National Guard
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Department of Health and Human Services


We have learned that your body’s biomechanics are important to your recovery. Because of our experience and working with many, many patients we have learned that just putting high-quality cells into a damaged joint may not be enough. Many of our patients have had their joint problem or arthritis developing for several years and along the way, they have started limping or favoring that bad joint.

So, after we inject the regenerative medicine into the joint, we actually rehab the joint via physical therapy, Chiropractic, or in most cases both, working side by side together – under the guidance of our experienced Orthopedic Dr Garcia.

This is how we get such great and consistent results. We mechanically fix or improve the joint. This allows the healing of regenerative medicine and goes to work. This has made a huge difference for many of our patients.

Proper nutrition to feed the healing

We have vast knowledge and experience in what these cells, tissues, and regenerative products need to be fully healthy cells, to have the ingredients to duplicate fully and quickly repair the joint.

By knowing and understanding biochemistry and its role in how your body heals we can add certain nutritional supplements that will speed the healing process by giving the cells and tissues what they need to work efficiently, to work well and at their best, and to support what is needed to produce the fastest and best result.


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