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Chronic Pain St. Petersburg FL About Us - Experience


The doctors and providers at Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) have a combined experience of over 100 years in actual practice. That counts most when we are helping you through a tough time. Actual hands-on clinical experience, years and years of experience that will make a difference in your results. Your results! 

We know the situation, we have seen the cases, we know the outcomes and we know how to get you the fastest and best results, based on our years and years of experience.


The doctors at AMI have set the highest standards of patient care. They committed to one thing and one thing only, your results! Getting you the best and fastest result possible. Because they truly listen to what you say and understand you and your condition, they can lay out a plan of care that will work for you and work well. 

Chronic Pain St. Petersburg FL About Us - Integrity

This additionally ties in their experience, state-of-the-art facility, equipment, technology, and a constant drive to continue to improve as doctors. This combination is rarely seen in today’s society. Take advantage of the doctor’s willingness to talk with you about your condition and benefit from their years of experience. Part of our process is that we take the time to listen to you and get a full understanding of the situation. Then and only then can we work with you to get the best and fastest result possible. Integrity is our philosophy. You can count on us.

Chronic Pain St. Petersburg FL About Us - Results


We are so proud of our results and so happy for our patients that have trusted us to help them get those results. Our results are consistently outstanding, and we continue to set the bar higher and higher. We do this because of our desire to help as many people as possible. 

This drives us to seek out new treatments and technologies and because we have the benefit of our vast experience, we can quickly incorporate the newest, fastest, and best treatment technologies. We pride ourselves on getting outstanding patient results. That is why so many doctors, in our medical community, send their families to us first. If results are possible, you have found the best place to get the fastest and best results.


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